Frequently Asked Questions

What is your physical location?

Ides is an online bookstore, for now. Keep tuned for what we have in store for you!

Do you deliver books?

Yes we do! Any orders made are delivered to you within 28 days time period if not less. This is dependant on how hard it is to locate the books ordered especially in cases where a unique book title is ordered. We will contact you to arrange the particulars of the delivery once you order is processed. Various courier methods are used to deliver your orders to ensure a fast efficient delivery that satisfies you.

Can I buy books in soft copy here?

We currently do not sell any soft copy books. The whole idea behind Ides was to get paperbacks for people who spend so much time on their laptops and phones i.e Because of their jobs, to get more people to stick their noses to books.Bookmarking pages, shelving them and getting to reread them is an experience that we are quickly loosing. Let's also not forget the smell of old books guys.

How far off do you deliver?

Free delivery within the the Nairobi CBD. Any other locations attract extra payment for delivery.

How do I pay for an order?

All orders are paid on order. :-)

When are the delivery days?

Delivery is done on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.